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Auction My Car will help you secure the best possible price for your car!

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City Wheels is a secure online vehicle-auctioning platform that connects private car sellers with a wide selection of used car buyers and used car dealers.

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We have done our homework!

City Wheels is a professional, user-friendly and highly secure vehicle-bidding platform. It is easy for both the public and used car dealers to use.

We will keep you safe!

Selling a vehicle privately is often inconvenient and potentially risky. At City Wheels we give you peace of mind. No uncommitted browsers. No strangers. No time wasted. Get access to wide selection of used car buyers and used car dealers with the means to offer you the best price on your car.

We will protect you from any risk!

City Wheels keeps you in control over the sale of your car. You have the final say! Don’t want to accept the best bidding price you’ve been offered? No problem. All our wide selection of used car buyers and used car dealers have been pre-approved by us and we make sure they deliver. Better believe it!

We will get you the best possible price!

Hundreds of credible used car dealers and used car buyers have registered to use City Wheels and they are in the market to buy your car. They are bidding against other equally informed and interested buyers so you’ll be able to secure a market-related (if not better) offer on your vehicle.

This is Auction My Car in Motion!